While looking into my 3rd new baby’s eyes one day, I was inspired (like the Bible writers were too you know;) to write this poem. (Slightly revised.)

                             Can you see me; are you looking- past my eyes so blue?
                                   In this little body that is still so very new. . .
                                   Can you keep that vision from this day until I die?
                               Does it make your heart just swell, and does it make you cry?
                               Do you see the responsibility that now belongs to you?
                                To feed and cloth my body sure, but I’m a soul too.

                               Can you see me; are you looking- past me in my prime?
                               Can you see the need within and will you take the time?
                                Though I have the pride that tells me, “I will never die”. . .
                                 Help me to slow down in life, not let it rush on by.
                                 Won’t you see me like a babe, that vision please renew. . .
                                ‘Cause way down deep under my skin, I’m a soul too.

                                    Can you see me; are you looking- past eyes dimmed with age?
                                  Past a body holding a soul in a miserable old cage.
                                  Will you listen as I share the needs of a dying soul?
                                  Will you touch me, thought the years have now taken their toll?
                                  Will you listen with respect, to what to me is true?
                                  ‘Cause when my body’s seen it’s end, I’m a soul too.
                                                                                       By Angela Aloisi