Is there truth in nature? I’d like to think so. We see a predictable consistency in the planets and stars, but also in the plants, and animals and even us!  So what can nature tell us about ourselves?

We are mammals, otherwise known as animals, (much to the chagrin of some religious folk) and we are not unlike or above the rest of nature in it’s workings. We are an integrated part of the “web of life”. We are as much affected by as we are effecting everything around us. When we pollute the soil and the air, (and then depend on that soil and air for life), we not only hurt ourselves, but weaken future generations. If we want us, and all life to be extinct in the future, well, lets keep it up. . .otherwise, let’s clue in on natures’ cues.

Let’s first look at soil:

 Soil that is full of life is able to produce life that itself is healthy. Soil that is healthy has no disease problem, or issues with soaking up what it needs in the way of it’s water or nutrients. Natures’ life giving nutrients do not just go through it quickly, or run off of it before being soaked up.

Now let’s look at plants:

 When a plant in our yard is set up to thrive, we make sure that the soil’s ph is right, it’s soil can digest the nutrients, (so we amend he soil or poke holes to aerate it if needed) and then lastly, make sure that it gets enough water  and the right amount of nutrients/fertilizer. . .which in the end usually fixes the ph issues as well.  All of those things are perfectly done in a natural setting, all without our help!

Then let’s look at animals:

Animals left to their own in the wild will get their balance of minerals from bare dirt if needed. They will get enough vitamin D even though they will make or find shelter for when it’s too hot or cold. They will groom themselves (or other animals will) and will forage for healthy native foods that they have grown accustomed to. They have no problems with health or reproduction as a general rule. We are silly to worry about diseases of wild animals simply because they haven’t gotten their shots, or been taken care of by us! Domesticated animals are the sick ones that usually get wild ones sick if anything! Unless the animals have been affected by pollution, starved from urbanization or fed bad food, (commonly leftover people food. . .) they are usually a lot healthier then our domesticated animals that are over bred (leading to genetic problems) and shot up full of vaccines, antibiotics and hormones. . .not to mention fed foods that are GMO’s and have pesticides and herbicides on it, as well as being an unnatural food in the first place.

So if we want to learn from nature, we will see that natural and wild is safest and is best! If you see any hints of disease or bugs on the outside or in their droppings (like parasites or even eaten alive by mosquitoes or flies?) it is a sign of problems. And in the same way that a sick plant or animal can usually be fixed with natural helps and the right conditions, so a person doing what nature requires can also usually heal themselves.

There are many signs outwardly in all of nature that the plant or animal is stressed or unhealthy (which I will probably get into in another post on plants or pets in the future), and the same goes for humans. If we are overweight, that’s a bad sign we simply cannot deny. Where we carry our weight also means something about it’s root cause. The color, lines, spots or ridges in our nails tells of root health issues. The spots, moles, or moisture level of our skin all means something as well. Where we have pain is a huge red flag! Also numbness, lack of circulation or swelling all means something. If we have wrinkles or stretch marks; If we have yellow color in the “white” of our eyes, or too much red in areas of our tongue that’s a problem. If under our eyes is darker or puffier then they should be or if we have crooked teeth or lots of cavities it means something about either our health, or our mothers when she was pregnant. If we have bad eyes, it means something about the health of our mothers in pregnancy. If we are infertile, have PMS, migraines, indigestion, constipation, the runs. . .etc. So many are problems that so many just learn to ignore because they think they are part of their genetics or aging! They aren’t! They are our warning lights to our body’s health. We don’t need to run out to the doctor, like we do to the mechanic when we see the “check engine” light on though. . . because we know from nature that if something’s wrong, it’s because we are doing something unnatural. All we need to do is figure out what it is, then change it, and the body will heal itself! Sound simplistic? Well, I’ve found it usually is. . . but if you doubt me, check it out for yourself, you have nothing to lose.  You also can’t prove me wrong until you try it. 🙂

So then the question could be begged, “what or who defines ‘natural’ living?” I don’t have all the answers, but let’s start from scratch in our thinking, realizing that we will need to relearn much of what we have probably grown up doing in this culture. There are some basic principles I will give you as a teaser to my next posts, but it often comes down to these quotes: “If it doesn’t rot, you shouldn’t eat it.” “If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.”