My birthday isn’t even here yet, but I find myself a little sad. Is it the fact that I’m turning 33? Or is it because it’s like Christmas and you want to expect some really cool presents, but a reality check comes, and you realize that nothing “cool” is coming because:

  1. you are not a shallow person who is materialistic enough to find clutter and cheap plastic “cool” anymore,
  2. you don’t REALLY need anything anymore,
  3. your family doesn’t know what you really want anyways,
  4. your family couldn’t afford it even if they did!  

So what is important to me? Family and quality time with those I love. Sadly, that takes planning and intentional forethought. . .not something most husbands are very good at. Mine is no exception. Every Mother’s day is a complete flop for that reason, and birthdays are only sometimes better because of one thing: a woman. (Usually my Mother in law, ironically.) Either friends or family usually jump in to plan a party, outing or short vacation, because they feel it is as much their place as my husband’s to do so I guess. When I look back on any birthday that I actually enjoyed, it was always planned by a woman! So my thought now is, that maybe that’s just the way it should be. It’s kind of like birth, sickness and even death. . .woman are there for each other. Nurturing both physically and emotionally; men are just a disappointment if expected to be. So again I find myself lowering my expectations in order to be happy in my marriage. . . but you know, why should I expect him to be like me in order to make me happy? And for that matter, who says I’m so hot at planning parties and fun stuff for friends birthdays?! I’ve never really thought it my place before, so I used that as an excuse to not feel bad for my lacking forethought and organization. Truth be known, I’m much more like a guy in this. As I want to live by the golden rule though, I need to start paying more attention to stuff like that. So when is everyone’s birthday? . . . (Now I’m digging a hole for myself:(