We can now see through the wonders of science and technology that we aren’t the center of the universe, as use to be believed in Galileo’s day. (And caused him to be called a heretic by the Catholic church.) We know now that we are but a mere speck in the universe, and very insignificant. (Just watch “Into the Universe” with Stephen Hawking if you don’t know the scope of our insignificance, or just if you want to know the latest science has to offer.) We may be special in our “neck of the woods” to have just the right conditions for life to flourish, but it is almost inevitable that other planets with the same or similar conditions could also have some form of life on them. . .and the knowledge of that life would likely mess with the religious mindset of many, just like knowledge of the universe first did in Galileo’s day. (And continues to do today when you question. . .ever wonder how a star rested over the house Jesus was in? Hmm)

Sometimes it is perceived that science, and the quest for knowledge, is out to “attack God” personally, simply because with more info we are inevitably going to rely less on superstitions, myths and old wives tales.  It’s easy to see how we have disproved that the Greek gods were just myths for instance, but our own cultures myths seem to make so much sense of our world, that we can’t even fathom how stupid  they are to others.

The belief for instance that the Bible is “God breathed” and perfect, is easily disproved by scientific reasoning, and yet there is always a way out for the believer, with faith. Without closing our eyes to facts though, scientific minds have always been able to see the wrongs in the Bible. As a matter of fact, most of the brilliant minds in science down through time have had little use for God, or at least the perceived all powerful God of the Bible. Yet science, just because it enlightens, (and that takes us out of the dark age beliefs) is no more attacking the personal “God” of the Bible, then it attacked the Greek mythological gods. They just went by way of all old wives tales, and slowly were exposed for what they were, fake stories of deities to explain the unexplainable things of the time.

 I read and watched some of the works of Richard Dawkins, and Joseph Campbell, and it struck me that they were the Galileo’s of this generation. Especially Richard Dawkins who, with his wit and brilliancy, has a tendency to make himself unpopular by making those look like fools who disagree with him.

“Galileo was always making himself unpopular with influential people, for he had a brilliant and caustic wit and he could not resist using that wit to make jackasses — and therefore bitter enemies — of those who disagreed with him. Even as a college student, he had been nicknamed “the wrangler” because of his argumentativeness.”

 Issac Asimov

Let’s see, original thinker, brilliant, unsocial behavior, caustic wit, argumentative. . .they probably both just had and have Aspergers too:)

  I have personally been accused of not only all of that, but also “attacking God”, but how can you “attack” someone that is a myth? What it comes down to is the person holding the belief in the God is offended for Him. If God is truly offended though, then let him strike me down, before I even finish this post . . .

(Still here:) But If he’s as loving as people like to think he is, then let him show himself to me instead. If praying for that very thing for years didn’t bring me a revelation or miracle, because an even slightly intelligent and not superstitious mind like mine had a scientific explanation for other people’s “proofs”, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care about me personally at all, if any god is out there.

 The correlation between smart people and their classic disbelief in God doesn’t equate with pride in their own intelligence, or it separating them from God because of their pride either, (although I know there are verses used to support that). No, smart people also don’t worship themselves, or their own thinking, anymore then stupid ones do. (We’re all selfish and prideful, look into altruism if you don’t believe me.)

 That excuse it just another way that the religious people control you and teach you to not have common sense and follow the free thinking and sensible individuals of society. . . Making religious people more likely to be the stupid “sheep” of society, the poor, the uneducated, the woman and children, who are notoriously more gullible and “moldable”. That mixed with the fact that classically, religions, especially conservative extremists, teach to have a lot of kids, and even do a lot of inbreeding by saying you need to marry in the faith. That was done a lot in cults especially! (I remember some of the people in my past saying how desperately their church needed some “new blood”. . .and based on looks of the church people in many sister churches I visited, I’d definitely agree!) That alone should be reason to get out of religion! All the intelligent and kind Christians I’ve ever known were feeling alone and even persecuted in their own religions, because they were different! They knew it, they just didn’t know that they could actually be in good company if they just dropped the religion part and kept the intelligence and the good character, and called themselves a more humble title such as Agnostic or Atheist:) Which I came to myself through great trials and experience. . .but that you can read about in my next post called “By request, how I reached the tipping point in religion.”