Now I’m not saying insane people are predominantly of any thoughts or beliefs, but by sheer numbers, I find a lot more Christians who are crazy, especially these days! So, I’d like to share with you a few choice quotes I heard as of late.

Said to me by a stranger Christian one day when responding to a comment I made nicely to a stupid video:

  “So let’s talk, tell me about your religion, …. You’re not ashamed, are you? I understand if you are. Most of the swine running loose these days are ashamed and do not care to debate with me. Satan introduced Paganism to Nimrod and his harlot wife at the beginning of the tower of Babel, your pathetic arse just got owned. You should honestly pull that ugly face out of your arse. Oh and alas, I adore how you non-Christians go out of your way to prove that Jesus Christ never came in the flesh. Try0hard. What’s even more sad is you’re a concubine of Satan, you’re just too stupid to know it. Bring it on, because I study religion like there is no tomorrow and I hand losers like you your arses on the daily, care to go there. Come at me brah. You’re not only highly uneducated , but your comments make you seem like an asshurt bitch.”

So just to clarify: She thinks I even have a religion, though I clearly said in my one little comment she was in reference to, that I was an Agnostic. I’m also pridefully accused and presumed to be “ashamed” if I follow my conscience and science with no excuses or loopholes for the first time in my life. . .while I’m not at all!

Now it’s presumed that you’re ashamed and a “swine” if you wisely don’t chose to get into a debate with her. . .which normally I would, but not with a person like this!

She presumes to know for sure about history back at the Tower of Babel, and even more humorously, she thinks she has proof that it was Satan! She can’t hardly get that one from the Bible, much less any Archaeology.

Now she takes to personal jabs, and calls me ugly. Well, she saw my picture, so that’s in the eye of the beholder I suppose. . . but I think he shows her desperation to grasp at straws whe she lowers herself to such jabs to a total stranger. As for her vulgar references to “Arse”, which means butt, it is only one of many choice words we hear from this classy “Christian”.

Next we have sarcasm, and plain old lies. I never even heard of anyone who tries to prove that Jesus never came in the flesh! Proving that he wasn’t God sure, but that he wasn’t born a human? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard, and I certainly wouldn’t have been the one to try to prove that!

Next typos, I’m guessing out of her passionate anger she had worked herself into.

And more judgmentalism and insults based off of ignorance and presumptions.

She “studies religion”, but doesn’t know that Atheists are the top rankers in knowledge of religions, as stated here, and instead elsewhere commented that “Atheist people are very very highly uneducated, it’s almost sad. Christianity is wisdom.”( Even though here is stated in a nonjudgmental way, that the IQ of Atheists around the world is higher then the religious person’s IQ.)

Now she states a rude challenge, followed by more presumptions and criticisms she couldn’t possibly know of from a 1000 letter comment from me on a video not even hers. The “brilliant Christian”guy she defended was shockofgod as seen here in a youtube video.

If you are a Christian, and not embarrassed by her, shame on you!