I’ve done it again; I am apparently using “hate speech” or so I’ve been told by some very offended Christians. I have a very distorted view of the golden rule apparently, and feel that others would feel and do as I do. So I will define my idea of the Golden rule before going on. To me the Golden rule means if I perceive there is something that you need to know, I will make sure you know it, because I would want to be told if I were in your shoes. As a Christian that meant if I loved you I would warn you of Hell, displeasing God, making your “Brother” stumble or the like. Now I feel like health info, practical helps or advice to help me see myself more clearly from an outside perspective is all appreciated, and so you should take it as loving from me when I tell you the same. If you feel differently, and you see me as just “spouting” or bitter about my past in my giving out of “unsolicited advice” please just stop here.  I truly don’t want to hurt you, or make you misjudge me either.

So, I was trying to figure out how I was perceived to be doing what I fight against constantly from right wing conservative Christians, and so decided to double check myself. I went on to my FB wall to see what horrible posts I am posting, showing myself to be “hateful” and “bitter”. In and amongst my many health/natural and education posts, I have advocacy for the environment posts, freedom in politics/ anti government posts and religious tolerance or freedom from prejudice posts. Also a very few humorous posts. The latter two are what usually get me in trouble I find. I don’t post anything advocating tolerance mind you unless I see intolerance to stand up against. And my humor posts are usually just to show the reality of a situation, and to bring about rational thought on the matter. (I hate repeating racial or national jokes! Unless the joke is on me or my group. . .Like blonde and UU jokes. )When I post something for instance, like a crashed car with plates that say “God is my co-pilot”, it should make a person contemplate just how in-control God is in this world, even with the professing Christians. . .Did I resort to mocking cartoons (Like say, “Answers in Genesis” does to mock evolutionists and Atheists)?
Though being mean and proud is a case of character, what you know (knowledge) is based on your choices, training and environment.  I don’t intend to ever mock what someone believes sincerely based on their past and choices, and especially not what I have believed and did in my past. . .without very good justification. (That would be quite hypocritical of me.) There are some very intelligent and wonderful people that are in cults and I respect them more then the average Christian. . .because there beliefs, though hard to live by, are all Bible based, and they are following the Bible very sincerely.

I don’t want to justify when I get carried away in my opposition of prejudice and bigotry, but my intention is to simply get people to use reason, and science to refute the wrongs done in the name of religion and make people think outside their religious box, because that’s what I would have wanted to be done for me in the past.

All of my Facebook posts have deep intentions in them: to help people consider that they could be wrong in their preconceived ideas, based on culture and religion, and just to think and be informed.
 (Just like my blog!) Sadly, those who choose to just believe get very personally offended with insinuations that they could be wrong. To me that shows an insecurity in your beliefs when you can’t consider someone else’s thoughts without getting upset and say they’re insulting you.

I don’t know how I can put it more clearly, but  simply because I am refuting or questioning your pseudo-science, or blind faith and illogical reasoning, (that you publicly claim as “truth” or “proof” of God to others) that does not mean that I am insulting you, or your God.

Just realize that any thought or any interpretation of reality is still just an opinion, unless it can be tested and substantiated. In other words, your thoughts on the reality of God, based on only the authority of the Bible, are still just your opinions -because the Bible is not translated or believed consistently, and the proofs you use for your God are also used by others who believe in other Gods. (And is even less scientifically proven then ghosts or aliens. . .which there are lots of sightings and circumstantial evidence for.)
 So when you say I’m “disrespecting your God” and you, by poking fun at your invisible friend, that would be the equivalent of you poking fun at someone’s ghosts and Aliens they believe in.  Do they get insulted and disrespected when you question or mock their existence? Probably not, but if they do, we sure don’t know about it.

 Science on the other hand we can see, and prove, and yet it is still not offended when you question it. And if you can disprove it’s theories as bunk, then science readily changes to be more up-to-date. And gladly and humbly does a true scientific thinker change and learn as well. So my thought is: learn, and be open to correction from newer sources. That mindset is evidenced in never being bitter or angry at an opinion or advice that is new; nothing should be “unsolicited advice” to the true student.

If you are insulted and feeling I’m a “mean”, “bitter” heretic insulting your God, then it’s just your pregidous, bigoted and judgmental opinion of reality. What is boils down to is, when you’re offended with my “unsolicited advice” that is proud and shows your insecurity in your beliefs and opinions. Humble people who are teachable can accept both new info and criticism of stereotypes that they fit into. Do you and your church tell jokes of themselves? I do, and mine does.

 If you “unfriend” me or “block” me from commenting on your Facebook wall, I will naturally have to presume it’s because you feel you or your impressionable friends or family can’t handle the questions that I bring up; you are afraid of change or intimidated because you have no answers to dispute me and want to stay blissfully ignorant.

 On the other hand, if you are a Christian and you are reading this blog post that proves that you are somewhat teachable and curious. That is wise. . .even if you choose to read my blog in isolation and secret, as I presume most people do who read this somewhat controversial blog. . . or I’d have a lot more people comment (good or bad I would like to hear from my readers) and a lot more subscribers, considering the thousands of people reading this.