In a lot of religious debating online, as well as on my own Facebook wall, I see a common issue: Christians obviously fear Atheists!

They are often scared to look at our proofs to be proven wrong, or at least don’t consider them with an open mind. They get very defensive, very quickly at simply stating well known facts. . .like, “The world is Billions of years old”.
Oh, they may say they don’t agree with us, and that’s okay. They even become threatening and aggressive toward us, and we can deal with that with understanding, too. But, why is it that they show rampant fear of us? Are we mean, and everything they don’t want to be? (I found the opposite to be true as a questioning Christian.) Or, could there possibly be a shred of doubt in their minds about what they believe? My opinion is that they fear that we might be right, and if so, it would be a christian’s worst nightmare if we knew the reality about their lifelong fantasy. Talk about an instant and effective treatment for pride! (I know I was never so humiliated as when I realized just how blinded I had been my whole life!)

Now, I’m not insinuating that Christians are knowingly or intentionally proud, or necessarily stupid either. . .but they do have certain blinders on. For instance, they claim that science doesn’t disprove their thoughts on religion, but when called on their bluff, you get nothing but circular reasoning all dependent on a god.

You see, as Atheists we require simple proof for matters of objective reality (cars, trees, ufos, gods…).
As Theists, they also require proof for matters of objective reality, with one exception. . .God.

If you insist to a Theist or an Atheist that an invisible boogie man is camping out on his/her doorstep, they will both say “prove it you silly person!” and rightly so.

However, if you insist to a Theist and an Atheist that an invisible God (Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, etc…) is camped out on their doorstep the Atheist will still say “prove it you silly person!” while the Theist will say “Of course! God is everywhere!”

Why? I think it’s a combination of three things.

1) Childhood indoctrination.

2) Cultural acceptance.

3) A childish wish for a father figure to take care of them.

These things are powerful and subconscious in most Theists. 

The very simple fact is that Theists know they have no proof, just faith! “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so.” — Mark Twain. That subconscious knowledge of course makes them insecure and fearful to talk to us. . .while quite the opposite for Atheists who love a good debate! The Theists both fear the unknown, and what they do know. . .Atheists are known to have a superior knowledge of the Bible and religion in general then Christians, according to the polls. And if that wasn’t intimidating enough, the IQ seems to be higher in groups notoriously Atheistic. (Doctors, scientists, professors. . .) As well, most Atheists have been Christians in the past, while most Christians grew up in the faith. All of which gives Atheists quite an edge.
When a brave evangelical minded Theist does corners an Atheist and asks for proof for his non belief in God, (as if he needs to justify the non claim anyhow,) he can respond with endless proven facts and sound reasoning that show Theists’ ideas to be completely baseless and to exist only as artifacts of the mind and one of the above conditions.

If you attack a Theist, what can he do? He pulls out the Bible, or he quotes smart Theists of the distant past, or the few smart Theists of the present (as if that means anything to quote another person anyhow) and/or resorts to emotional or personal attacks. Ones like: “I KNOW I have Jesus in my heart!” “You couldn’t possibly have had what I have, or you would have never gone away!” “I pray you repent and let Jesus in before you die and go to Hell”. “Think of your children and the confusion you are causing them.” “Do you want to be responsible for your children’s souls going to Hell?” “You just want to live without accountability, and to do whatever you want.” “Why are you angry and bitter at God?”

Eventually, the Atheist weakens, and out of complete frustration, often labels the Theist as “stupid and childish”. While honestly hoping the Theist can see that it’s the truth, and not just a pointless jab. If we can keep in mind though, that the Theist is burdened by a weakened/brainwashed mind, as demonstrated by the above 3 conditions, we should feel as much pity for them, as they feel for us. More so even!

To sum up then: why do Christians fear us? Because we represent the loss of their childhood security blanket and their hope for immortality. We represent an uncertainty about what happens after death, that is not comfortable. We represent not having all the answers anymore. . .answers about how we got here, and our purpose for being. We represent (in their minds) hopeless despair with no God. 

We have been disillusioned with religion and have grown out of it, just like a belief in Santa. . . and they are still children who want to believe.  No one enjoys bursting a child’s bubble, but when they become discontent with the excuses, and start to question things. . .they are showing their maturity, and it would be more cruel not to tell them the truth. So, soberly I seek to help those who are looking for answers. If you’re here as a Christian, you must be one of those looking, who are discontent with the excuses of Christianity. Good for you. I hope you find what you are looking for.