Born again: While the term originated in the Bible, it was first defined as a turn around in the life with a one time decision to truly follow Christ by a progressive, nondenominational evangelist named George Whitfield. His preaching became wildly popular with the shunned and religious rebels of the time, who were looking for anything real in the lives of the religious authorities of their time. (As this new teaching allowed the tables to be turned and the pompus ministers to be deemed “unfit of their office”, if they were found without a legit sounding salvation or “born again” experience.)

God: all that is good, love in humanity, any mysterious thing science has no explanation for as of yet.

The Holy Spirit/the still small voice: The ingrained conscience of all people.

Being under conviction: you are feeling guilty, maybe because of your own conscience, maybe from peer pressure.

Being led of the Spirit: Making the right choices instinctively, and having intuition.

Being slayed in the spirit: an emotional high brought on by peer pressure, exhaustion and music.

I feel the Spirit: goosebumps, feel love and comradeship, usually while holding hands or having a group singing a song to unify.

The witness of the Spirit: where you “click” with a persons energy, personality, believe they are a good person like yourself; feeling as if that proves they are saved.

Relationship with Jesus: having religion.

Grieving the Spirit: going against the accepted norms in your church circle.

Having your conscience seered with a hot iron: Becoming callus to your conscience’s voice and listening instead to bad influences. . .in the case of actual immoral behavior.

Creation: everything that was slowly made through evolutionary processes that continue to happen today with no creator. Nature, or Mother nature.

The heavens declare the glory of God. . .:we believe that because space is huge and awesome, that means our claim of a creator God, automatically trumps other people’s creator god claims or the explanations of science.

Vision: usually a dream or hallucination while on a high from music, exhaustion/stress, drugs. . .

Sign from Heaven: A fluke, a superstitious reading into a normal occurrence.
Blessing: All good luck, all processes of nature, as long as they are good.

Judgment of God: bad luck, all bad natural process.

The Devil: everything bad in the world. Any mysterious bad thing that science has no explanation for yet.

Sin: What someone’s generation, denomination, and family reads out of the Bible as being wrong.

Sinner: someone who falls short of your expectation based on your reading of the Bible.

The lost: Anyone who rejects your limited worldview.

Modesty:  What someone’s generation, denomination, and family reads out of the Bible as being the way they need to dress to please God, and not offend the opposite sex. Nothing to do anymore with being moderate in their actions or dress, compared to their culture, as one might suspect. . .

Making a joyful noise to the Lord: singing with no talent; cacophony.
Being in the ministry: making your living off of begging and  pushing your thoughts on others, while often doing no actual useful thing in a needy world.
Hate the sin, love the sinner: Judge the person as inferior to a good Christian/ a sinner, then tell them how then need to change to be acceptable to God, all the while claiming that they are still loved and accepted for who they are.
Religious freedom: proselytizing the children and desperate of society, disrespecting, mocking, shunning or physically abusing those in your own family or those with differing thoughts, lifestyles and beliefs, while expecting all onlookers to allow you your “religious freedom”.