So I was thinking about the whole medical system, and the mindset of those in it. . . Some think that the people rebelling against it are in a cult because the “rebels” are always the free thinkers of society, not being controlled by money or their propaganda, which could be said of extremists in any religion.  Often the strong willed ones with principles and intelligence enough to not just go along with the crowd in other ways, whether they be an Atheist, or sincerely religious, would likely be an independent rebel, not following the medical authorities, and going to their doctor for every sniffle.

After all, the basic concept of the medical model of care is totally against stats and true science, not to mention against nature and common sense! If a doctor diagnoses a problem in you, he is only seeing part of the problem. . .As if the body part was placed magically and separately inside the body, by a divine creator. So they chop it out. Or they put another piece in.

I went to a doctor with a list of complaints years ago, (which I found out later were all connected) and when I showed it to him, he got overwhelmed and said, “Let’s just start from the top, and give you a drug for this, put you in the hospital for a test for that, send you home with a monitor for that, and just watch to see how bad that gets.”

Besides a lot of painful tests, that if you’re lucky don’t have a 50/50 rate of accuracy, doctor’s main methods of care are symptom control and pain management, neither of which can be had without more risks to your health.

 Doctors look at us like a giant puzzle that can be assembled and reassembled; or as a puppet that can be manipulated with surgery and controlled by drugs. The doctor is of course the puppeteer, and has a god-like role in all of that. It is thus almost inevitable that the doctor gets a god-like complex when they are allowed such a role.

 From a purely scientific aspect we also see an evolutionary and emotional connection and reaction with everything around us. The medical model should show this knowledge of a holistic world and body , but they turn a blind eye to this information, and treat the body as a physical bunch of parts that God put together. . .because that was the mindset of those who started it, and it has changed little over the years.

The mindset of religion is strong in the medical system, but still the opposers of it are accused of being the religious ones, because those people who dare dabble in the unknown of the scientific world and look into things like: reflexology, kineseology, accupuncture, cranialsacro therapy, etc, find a mystical or energetic side of the body that has to be taken on faith and personal experience. While some therapies may make no sense, we realize they have a long history of working. I feel that with little or no side effects, I have little to lose from going that way for my health. Plus, the alternative health practitioners main goal is to put themselves out of a job. (Which is the opposite goal of doctors I’ve seen.)

The healthcare system realizes their shortcomings though, and are starting to change a little, or at least branch off and specialize. These changes we see are all off shoots of the medical system, just as denominations are offshoots of the original cults. Some common off shoots of the medical religion can be seen in separate healthcare professions all condoned by doctors. Some I have experience with are the chiropractor, naturopath and nurse Midwives.

 Now here I will be loosing a lot of you I know,but let me explain; I’ve had a lot of experience with them, and while having a lot of good in what they do differently then doctors, they have remnants of that old medical model of care, that I see as useless at best and harmful at worst.

MOST chiropractors work COMPLETELY with your bones, and don’t even recommend you to a massage therapist when they find eventually that they aren’t helping you. (hundreds or thousands of dollars later. . .)  That is just like the doctor who works on you, focusing on one part, as if you are just a bunch of separate parts that God put magically together. The chiropractor typically just looks at you as a pile of bones. Believing that everything is wrong is because your back is out, and if you can just get it to stay in, it will be fixed! The problem is, because of muscular or even emotional issues causing tension around the bones, the chiropractic adjustment sometimes only lasts minutes!

Naturopaths typically use homeopathics, which have a track record of a placebo or worse. It is the same concept used by doctors to push vaccines, and it doesn’t work in either case, so you look pretty hypocritical or just plain ignorant to vaccinators if you do homiopathics instead, IMO. (At least the homeopathics are harmless sugar pills. . .as opposed to the vaccines with harmful stabilizers and not so small amounts of sometimes live diseases!)

The Naturopath also treat the body as a puzzle by singling out hormones or specialized supplements for certain parts. In my research and experience I’ve found that the body will regulate all that and more if you give it the right nutrition, and or help it with dealing with stress or environmental toxins and parasites by regular detoxing. So, to me the many expensive supplements are a waste of money.  Plus, people testing for allergies have told me that supplements and single vitamins and nutrients are commonly what people become allergic to. That’s presuming that they are quality enough to even digest, and not end up in the septic system like most of them.

As for the nurse Midwives, though I know there are exceptions to the rule, (when the training is taken after being a lay Midwife, or after training under a homebirth Midwife (CPM) for instance) I found the same mindset from the nurse Midwives, as from Doctors. The ones I’ve had experience with watched me like a time bomb waiting to go off, instead of getting ready for a natural birth. . .making me very nervous.

Like doctors, the Nurse Midwives training in the abnormal, led them to try to diagnose me as a worst case scenario,threatening constantly to hand me over to a specialist and call me high risk! They had the prenatals in a sterile looking office, where they tested, probed and accused me of doing everything wrong. . .I can’t blame them too much though as I do have a rare disorder called an “irritable uterus”, and as well have huge babies. (Gaining a healthy 50% increase in body weight by the end of the pregnancy!) As a general rule, with the Nurse Midwives, classically many woman’s testimonies confirm that birth with them feels like a step closer to natural, but still a lurking crisis or an accident waiting to happen. . .

For me that was true even with the Nurse Midwife who helped me with a home birth! She was ridiculously paranoid of even my own families germs, requiring me to put toilet paper in the oven to sanitize it for after birth! She made me put a strong medical powder on the babies cord stump with every diaper change. . .which caused a very long healing time.

It may be a personality or a generalization with them all, but I’ve noticed something about all these off shoots, and more: like religious leaders in their old fashioned, or fancy garb, you can tell those with the remnants of this medical model mindset; they are the ones in the scrubs, and with a plain, and sterile office.

They are thankfully not all that way though.  Years ago I actually decided to replace a never visited family doctor, with a holistic chiropractor, (Like the ones who employ the Brimhall method) and my family as well as many others I know, have been quite satisfied.

Unlike those in a cult who refuse care from doctors or hospitals no matter the emergency, I would use the hospital’s emergency room in true emergency situations. Overall though, I see no use for a doctor for regular care. Their mindset is outdated, far from holistic, based on a religious view of the body, IMO. Furthermore, their methods just plain old don’t work. Plus, most of their diagnostic ability is inferior to muscle testing, reflexology, or what you can find out online yourself! (And man is it expensive and more painful!)

So, while some people stress out about having no healthcare coverage for doctors and hospitals, I have little concern for something I would likely never use. We will unfortunately continue to pay out of pocket for a few (not 3 times a week, indefinitely, like some chiropractors demand) visits a year to a chiropractor like ours, (when we have a little accident,) or go to a massage therapist here and there, when we strain a muscle. For the most part though, I’ve learned to avoid and treat all the basic sicknesses and infections with safe remedies or healthy food. As Hippocrates, the father of real medicine said, “Let food be thine medicine.” How is it that doctors claim him as their inspiration, but know nothing of nutrition, or how it fixes just about everything they waste their time patching up?! I think that the sincere doctors who are smart may have to do as the extreme religious folks, and get back to their roots. . .do I hear an “Amen”?